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Computer Tutor
N-Newbie I-Intermediate A-Advanced S-Security

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N1 - How To back-up your Email Addresses in Outlook, Outlook Express, or Netscape
N2 - How To back-up your Favorites in Internet Explorer or Netscape
N3 - How To copy text from your browser into a word processor
N4 - How To open a web page in a new window [& Why you should]

Cyber Humor

Page AA Ode to Mary Yaha by B.B. Bugbear
Dr. Sloosh Explains Computer Crashes

Personal Devotions & Good News

Page aa God's refrigerator magnets, & the *7-Ups*

  • If you have a computer question, or know a funny computer joke, please send it in.
  • Be sure to include your *On-line Handle* so I can give you a by-line. ~Blessings, Chris Clu~

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